Email Verification API

Get started with Maileroo's Email Verification API.

The Maileroo Email Verification API allows users to verify the validity of an email address. It provides details such as format validation, MX record existence, disposable email detection, and domain suggestions for misspelled email addresses.

API Endpoint

The API endpoint for sending emails is:

Method: POST

Content Type: application/json


To authenticate your requests, you must include your API key in the X-API-KEY header of your request. However, you can also include your API key in the request body as a JSON property called api_key. You can find your API key in the Verifications section of the dashboard.


This is a free API service provided by Maileroo subject to a fair usage policy. You can make up to 10 requests per second.

Request Body

The request body is a JSON object containing the following fields:

api_key(Optional) Your API key. Required if you don't include your API key in the headers.
email_addressThe email address you want to verify

Response Body

The response body is a JSON object containing the following fields:

successA boolean indicating whether the request was successful
error_codeThe error code if the request was unsuccessful
messageThe error message if the request was unsuccessful
dataThe response data if the request was successful

The data field is a JSON object containing the following fields:

emailThe email address you verified
format_validWhether the email address is correctly formatted
mx_foundWhether the email address has a valid MX record
disposableWhether the email address is disposable
roleWhether the email address is a role address
freeWhether the email address is a free email address
domain_suggestionA suggested domain name if the entered domain name is invalid

Error Codes

The API returns the following response codes in the body:

0429Too many requests. You have exceeded the ratelimit.
0400Your request was invalid. Check the response body for more details.
0401The API key you provided is invalid.
0402The email_address field is required.
0403Please provide a string value for the email_address field.

Request Example

The following is an example of a request to the API:

Email Verification API Request Example

Code Examples

Please download the ZIP file below to get code examples in CURL, PHP, Golang, Python, and Node.js.

Download Code Examples