SMTP Details

Learn how to connect to our SMTP server and start sending emails directly from your application.

Maileroo provides a simple SMTP server that you can use to send emails from your application.

Server Configuration

You can find the SMTP server details here:

SMTP Host:
Port: 465, 587, 2525
Authentication: Yes
Encryption: SSL/TLS or STARTTLS or Plaintext

You can use any of the above ports, and any of the above encryption methods.

Authentication Information

You can find the authentication details for your account in the SMTP Accounts section of the dashboard.

Step 1. Go to your Maileroo Dashboard.

Step 2. Click on Domains in the left sidebar.

Step 3. Click on the domain you want to send emails from.

Step 4. Click on SMTP Accounts in the left sidebar.

Step 5. Create a new SMTP account, or find the SMTP account you want to use.

Step 6. Copy the email address and password for the SMTP account.

Step 7. Use the email address and password to authenticate with the SMTP server.

The image below shows the SMTP account details for the domain SMTP Details

Use With Webhooks

You can assign a Reference ID to each email you send. This Reference ID will be included in the webhook events, allowing you to track the delivery status of each email. In addition to that, you can also include tags with each email, which will also be included in the webhook events.

To use the Reference ID and tags, you can include them in the headers of the email you send. Here is an example of how to include the Reference ID and tags in the headers of an email:

                    X-Maileroo-Ref-ID: 55b8be9387d7a147c0d17564
X-Tag-user_id: 123
X-Tag-email_type: welcome

The X-Maileroo-Ref-ID header is used to include the Reference ID, and the X-Tag- headers are used to include tags. The Reference ID must contain 24 hexadecimal characters, and the tags must be in the format X-Tag-tag_name: tag_value.

For more information on webhooks, please see the Webhooks documentation.

Selective Open/Click Tracking

In addition to global open and click tracking settings, you can also enable or disable open and click tracking for individual emails. Use the following header:

                    X-Maileroo-Track: yes / no

The X-Maileroo-Track header is used to enable or disable open and click tracking for the email. The value must be either yes or no.

Code Examples

Please download the ZIP file below to get code examples in PHP, Golang, Python, and Node.js.

Download Code Examples