Introducing Maileroo's Free Blacklist Monitoring Tool for Email Security

If you're running an email service, then you most likely heard about Realtime Blackhole Lists, commonly known as RBLs. These RBLS work on top of the good ol' DNS infrastructure and are used to prevent spam by blocking emails from IP addresses known to send spam or malicious content. RBLs are a critical tool in maintaining email integrity and ensuring that inboxes are not flooded with unwanted messages.

As a provider of an email service provider, one of the biggest challenges that we have is keeping our IP addresses and domains off these lists. Obviously, since we have a strict screening process for all our customers, there's little to no spam originating from our networks.

Nevertheless, it's of paramount importance for us to monitor the reputation of our IP addresses.

Introducing Maileroo's Blacklist Monitoring Tool

As a provider of an email service, staying off RBLs is crucial for maintaining your service's integrity and ensuring deliverability. However, one of the main challenges faced in this endeavour is the cost of existing blacklist monitoring solutions. These tools, while effective, can be a substantial financial burden, especially for small to medium-sized email service providers.

And, this is why we created Maileroo's Blacklist Monitoring system. The best part? It's 100% free.

Blacklist Monitor

Our service goes beyond mere observation; it actively informs you about the status of your IP addresses. Whenever an IP address associated with your service is listed or delisted on any of these RBLs, Maileroo's monitoring tool promptly notifies you. via an email.

Keeping your IP addresses and domains off RBLs is a continuous effort that involves proactive management, adherence to best practices, and swift action in case of blacklisting.

So if you're running an email server, protect your email reputation with Maileroo – because every email matters.

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