What kind of emails can I send with Maileroo?

Maileroo is a transactional email delivery platform, and it is designed specifically for sending transactional emails. Transactional emails are messages that are triggered by user actions or system events and are typically considered essential for user engagement and communication. Examples of some transactional emails include but are not limited to:

  • Account Notifications:
    • Activation emails
    • Account confirmation emails
  • Password-related Emails:
    • Password reset emails
    • Account security alerts
  • Order Confirmations and Receipts:
    • Purchase confirmations
    • Receipts and invoices
  • Service Updates:
    • Status updates on services or subscriptions
    • Renewal and expiration notices
  • Personalized User Communication:
    • Personalized alerts and notifications
    • Appointment reminders
  • Transactional Alerts:
    • Alerts related to account activity
    • Important system updates

It's important to note that Maileroo is not intended for sending marketing or promotional emails. The platform focuses on ensuring the reliable and timely delivery of critical transactional communications. If you have marketing email needs, it is recommended to use a dedicated email marketing service that is designed for such purposes and complies with relevant regulations.

By using Maileroo for transactional emails and selecting a specialized platform for marketing campaigns, you can optimize the performance, deliverability, and effectiveness of your email communications across different use cases.

If you are unsure if the emails you are sending are suitable for the use of our services, please contact our support team who would be more than happy to help.