Why can't I pay for my Maileroo plan?

Encountering difficulties while attempting to pay for your Maileroo plan can be frustrating, but rest assured, we're here to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Below are some common reasons and solutions for payment challenges:

We should also note, that if your account has NOT been verified/approved, you will not be able to upgrade your plan. We recommend completing our verification form before commencing in order to upgrade the status of your account to approved.

1. Expired or Invalid Payment Method:

  • Ensure that the credit card or payment method linked to your account is valid and not expired. Update the payment details if necessary.

2. Insufficient Funds:

  • Check your bank account or credit card balance to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover the payment. If needed, use an alternative payment method.

3. Payment Declined by Bank:

  • Contact your bank to verify that they are not blocking the transaction. Some banks might flag unfamiliar transactions for security reasons.

4. International Transaction Issues:

  • If you are in a different country, confirm with your bank that international transactions are allowed. Some banks may have restrictions on cross-border payments.

5. Outdated Browser or Device Issues:

  • Use an updated and secure browser to make the payment. If possible, try a different device to rule out any compatibility issues.

6. Billing Information Mismatch:

  • Verify that the billing information entered during the payment process matches the details associated with your payment method.

7. Payment Gateway Errors:

  • In case of error messages related to the payment gateway, wait a moment and attempt the transaction again. If the issue persists, contact Maileroo support for assistance.

8. Contact Maileroo Support:

Remember, we understand the importance of uninterrupted service, and we are committed to helping you overcome any payment-related challenges. By addressing the specific issue causing the payment failure, we aim to ensure a smooth and seamless experience with your Maileroo subscription.