What DNS records are compulsory to create so that I can use Maileroo?

To ensure optimal email delivery and authentication with Maileroo, you

I already have MX records. What do I do?

If you already have MX (Mail Exchange) records set up

I already have a DMARC record. What do I do?

If you already have a DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting,

I already have an SPF record. What do I do?

If you already have an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record

How can I use my domain for click and open tracking?

We first recommend that you add/set up a domain

How Do I Obtain An API Key For Maileroo?

To get started with using our email API, you will

How Can I View My Email Logs?

Viewing your email logs is simple and a useful tool

How to Setup Maileroo Webhooks?

Integrating Maileroo webhooks into your system is a powerful way

What are templates and how do I create one?

Maileroo's email template builder is our powerful tool integrated into

Where Can I Find My SMTP Credentials?

Your SMTP credentials are the key to Maileroo's SMTP Relay.