How can I use my domain for click and open tracking?

We first recommend that you add/set up a domain on the Maileroo platform before commencing. Learn how you can add a domain to your account here.

Assuming that you have now set this up we can progress through this guide on how you can implement click and open tracking with your own domain. Implementing such a feature with your domain provides a multitude of benefits such as brand consistency, improved deliverability and analytics.

Step 1: Navigate to Domain & Select

To begin we must choose the domain in which we wish to implement the click and open tracking. We do this by navigating ourselves via the left-side navigation menu to the 'Domain' section. Here you can view all your domains and even begin the process to add in a new domain.

Step 2: Click On DNS Records

Once you have selected the domain you wish to configure, locate the DNS records for that domain and click on it. This can be found on the left side of the navigation under the 'Sending' dropdown called 'DNS Records'. Once you click it you will see all the configurable fields for that domain.

Once you have done this, navigate to the bottom of this page and you will see the following section.

Custom click and open tracking for email deliverly

Step 3: Add CNAME Record

Here you will find the CNAME record that you are required to create to enable custom domain tracking. Once you create that in your DNS manager, click on Verify and wait for the record to be detected and verified by Maileroo.

Step 4: SSL Provisioning

Once you add and verify the DNS records, we will automatically enable custom domain tracking. Since we automatically provision SSL certificates, you don't have to worry about HTTPS or SSL.

If you require additional help or have any questions regarding this, please contact our support team here.