I have multiple clients and want to host email delivery for them

Maileroo allows you to add an unlimited amount of domains to your account. Each domain you add to your account can be your client's domain, and you must set the relative DNS settings to work properly.

Each domain you add can be monitored separately by going to your domain list in your dashboard and clicking overview on the domain you wish to view. This will open up a new menu on the left which will display all relevant pages to that domain only, allowing you to monitor, and control the domain.

Whilst you can add an unlimited amount of domains or in this case, clients (in the form of their domains), each domain's sending is tethered to the monthly quota in place and the monthly quota can't be divided amongst them. Should you need to increase your sending limits, please visit our pricing page to see the next most appropriate plan for you here.

Additionally, as a host in this case you should note that if your client's sending goes against the sending policy this affects your account as a whole and will affect the sending of your other domains that are tied to your account. Please carefully monitor and ensure the setup of outbound emails on your client's platform complies with our policies.