Maileroo, a perfect Mandrill Alternative

Maileroo, a transactional email delivery platform, streamlines email delivery with just one click. It aids in ensuring timely delivery of emails to the correct recipients consistently.

Mandrill Alternatives

Why Use Maileroo?

Maileroo, a Mandrill alternative, provides a diverse range of options tailored to meet the requirements of companies, regardless of their size. With a reasonable cost and effortless scalability, Maileroo enhances email capabilities in a unique way. Our focus on transactional emails ensures direct delivery to the inbox. For complete application freedom, Maileroo offers the choice between using our Email API or SMTP Relay.

Free Email Verification

You can ensure that your emails get in the inbox and wave goodbye to bounced ones with our free Email Verification API.

Dedicated IPs

Would you like to send other messages? Utilise our dedicated IP addresses to improve the performance of your emails.

DNS Records

Check the sender's validity to protect your reputation. Set up DKIM, DMARC, and SPF to improve deliverability.

Email Delivery Tracking

Obtain thorough, up-to-date reports on sent and received emails. Enhance the user experience with informative data.

Suppression Handling

Easily handle emails that bounce, With Maileroo, bounced emails are taken care of and never sent to the recipient again!

Email API and SMTP

Send emails directly to recipients' inboxes by using our Email API or SMTP Relay.

Mandrill vs Maileroo

Anticipate swift delivery rates straight to your mailbox. At Maileroo, we take immense pride in ensuring our clients are satisfied with the services we offer. Join a community that values receiving emails directly in their inbox.

One of Maileroo's standout advantages is being a Mandrill alternative, coupled with the provision of a free plan that doesn't require a credit card. Enjoy the flexibility of utilizing any of our services and seamlessly integrating them into your existing system at no cost.

Explore an expanding array of services, delve into our free email verification API, and gain deeper insights into your emails through our real-time email tracking. Why wait? Sign up now!

Base Plan$20.00$5.00
SMTP RelayCheckCheck
Email APICheckCheck
API DocumentationCheckCheck
Email Address Validation APICheckCheck
Dedicated IP AddressesCheckCheck
Automated IP WarmupCheckCheck
Dedicated IP PoolingCheckCheck
SPF / DKIM / DMARCCheckCheck
Real-Time AnalyticsCheckCheck
Searchable Email ActivityN/A14 Days
Engagement TrackingCheckCheck
Suppression ManagementCheckCheck
Technical SupportCheckCheck
WordPress IntegrationCheckWP Easy SMTP
Affiliate ProgramCheckCheck
Per Country StatisticsCheckCheck
Mandrill alternatives

Make The Switch To Maileroo Today!

You can trust Maileroo, your Mandrill alternative, to take good care of your transactional emails. Our API is built for maximum performance and ease of integration, guaranteeing that your important messages are delivered on time.

Explore the dependability of transactional emails with Maileroo's Email API. Guarantee the secure and timely transmission of all your communications, ranging from order confirmations to password resets.

Recognizing the paramount importance of integration simplicity, Maileroo's Email API is purpose-built to effortlessly harmonize with your existing infrastructure. Effortlessly harness the capabilities of our API with just a few lines of code, simplifying the integration of transactional emails into your workflow like never before.

Get started with Maileroo today!