Maileroo, a perfect SendGrid Alternative

Maileroo is a transactional email delivery platform, capable of scaling your email delivery with a click of a button. Helping you deliver emails to the right place, on time every time.

SendGrid Alternatives

Why Use Maileroo?

Maileroo, a SendGrid Alternative offers an extensive range of plans that are tailored for businesses of all sizes. Affordable in pricing and scalable with ease, Maileroo extends the functionality of your emailing like no other. Transactional emails are our specialty and we help you deliver your emails straight to the inbox! Maileroo offers you the ability to use either our SMTP Relay or Email API for complete flexibility in your application.

Free Email Verification

With our free Email Verification API, you can say goodbye to bounced emails and make sure your emails get in the inbox.

Dedicated IPs

Would you like to send more? Boost your emailing performance with our heated dedicated IP addresses.

DNS Records

Verify the legitimacy of your sender to preserve your reputation. Configure SPF, DMARC, and DKIM for better deliverability.

Email Delivery Tracking

Get comprehensive, real-time reports on emails sent and received. Improve user experience with insightful information.

Suppression Handling

Handle bounced emails with ease, making sure not to send them again to the recipients to whom they hard bounced.

Email API and SMTP

Utilise either our Email API or SMTP Relay to deliver your emails straight to the inbox.

Why Maileroo is better than SendGrid

  • We built our system to be more user friendly. We know you have enough of all that technical jargon and unwanted buttons.
  • Powerful punch of configuration options tailored for your every need.
  • Solid deliverability that can confidently handle peak volumes without any blockages in performance, unlike some experiences reported by SendGrid users during high traffic periods.
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees that SendGrid doesn’t have. We provide in any practical way without sacrificing quality or features.
  • We have dedicated expert troops that’s always responsive, solving issues faster than any other team from SendGrid.
  • With us, you can be confident that your emails will not only be sent but also delivered with excellence every time.
Base Plan$19.95$5.00
SMTP RelayCheckCheck
Email APICheckCheck
API DocumentationCheckCheck
Email Address Validation APICheckCheck
Dedicated IP AddressesCheckCheck
Automated IP WarmupCheckCheck
Dedicated IP PoolingCheckCheck
SPF / DKIM / DMARCCheckCheck
Real-Time AnalyticsCheckCheck
Searchable Email Activity3 - 7 Days14 Days
Engagement TrackingCheckCheck
Suppression ManagementCheckCheck
Technical SupportCheckCheck
WordPress IntegrationCheckWP Easy SMTP
Affiliate ProgramCheckCheck
Per Country StatisticsCheckCheck
SendGrid alternatives

Why choose Maileroo?

Transactional emails are our forte. We pound the ground to help you deliver emails straight to your recipients’ inbox. Maileroo offers you the ability to use either an Email API or SMTP Relay for complete flexibility in your application. Discover more of our advantages, where precision meets flexibility. Here’s what we offer in detail:

Free Email Verification - Our system automatically verifies if that’s the right email you are about to send, making sure your emails get in the inbox.

Dedicated IPs - Is the other service still not fast enough? Well, they don’t have the dedicated IPs we have to boost your emailing performance.

DNS records - We’re more compliant than any other service. We verify the legitimacy of your sender too. This is to preserve your reputation and configure SPF, DMARC, and DKIM for better deliverability.

Email Delivery Tracking - We provide real-time reports on emails sent and received. We make sure to give you the right numbers for you to gain performance insights.

Suppression Handling - Don’t get frustrated any longer with bounced emails. Handle hard bounced emails with ease by using Maileroo.

Email API and SMTP - With us, you have the power to choose. You can use either our email API or SMTP relay to deliver your emails.

Here’s Why People Are Switching to Maileroo

We heard and understand you.

We understand how crucial it is for your emails to reach the right inbox. This is why most of our clients have been wiser and shifted from SendGrid to Maileroo.

We designed our API to ease integration into your workflow. We provide secure and optimal delivery performance every time. Send order confirmations, password resets, and more with confidence.

Choose us like how our clients chose us for transactional email excellence.

Get started with Maileroo today!