Maileroo, a perfect Postmark Alternative

With only a single click, Maileroo, a transactional email delivery platform, can scale email delivery. Assisting you in sending emails on time, to the appropriate recipient every time.

Why Maileroo is the best Postmark alternative

A wide variety of options are available from Maileroo, a Postmark alternatively use, to suit the needs of companies of all sizes. With a reasonable cost and scalability that is effortless, Maileroo expands the capabilities of emailing like no other. We help you send emails directly to the inbox; transactional emails are our speciality! For total application freedom, Maileroo gives you the option to use our Email API or SMTP Relay.

Free Email Verification

You can ensure that your emails get in the inbox and wave goodbye to bounced ones with our free Email Verification API.

Dedicated IPs

Would you like to send other messages? Utilise our dedicated IP addresses to improve the performance of your emails.

DNS Records

Check the sender's validity to protect your reputation. Set up DKIM, DMARC, and SPF to improve deliverability.

Email Delivery Tracking

Obtain thorough, up-to-date reports on sent and received emails. Enhance the user experience with informative data.

Suppression Handling

Easily handle emails that bounce, With Maileroo, bounced emails are taken care of and never sent to the recipient again!

Email API and SMTP

Send emails directly to recipients' inboxes by using our Email API or SMTP Relay.

Our transactional email service leapt higher and faster than Postmark.
Our dashboard is easy to navigate, unlike what users experience with Postmark.
Latency can never be an issue with Maileroo. Maileroo ensures a solid system that does not hinder the sending of any emails.
You can never run into any glitches that can cause your email to not get delivered. With Maileroo, we ensure consistent deliverability that can confidently handle peak volumes without any blockages in performance.
Our expert troops made sure to create training tools for your guidance in using Maileroo’s transactional service.
Transparent and affordable pricing that Postmark doesn’t offer. We provide in any practical way without sacrificing quality or features.
We have dedicated expert troops that’s always responsive, solving issues faster and more reliably than any other team from Postmark.

Postmark vs Maileroo

Transactional emails are our forte. We pound the ground to help you deliver emails straight to your recipients’ inbox. Maileroo offers you the ability to use either an Email API or SMTP Relay for complete flexibility in your application. Discover more of our advantages, where precision meets flexibility. Here’s what we offer in detail:

Free Email Verification: We offer a free Email Verification API to ensure that your emails are delivered to the right inbox.

Dedicated IPs: You’re here because Mailgun’s service is not fast enough. That’s because they don’t have dedicated IPs like we have to optimise your emailing performance.

DNS Records: With the sprouting spam emails that don’t follow the unsubscribe button, we make sure that we follow what is regulated. We configure SPF, DMARC, and DKIM for better deliverability and to preserve your reputation.

Email Delivery Tracking: We show real-time reports on all your emails sent and received. We provide those data for you to get more insights from your email campaigns.

Suppression Handling: Bounced emails will keep you away from your goal. We don’t want that, so let us handle that by using Maileroo’s transactional email service.

Email API and SMTP: Email API or SMTP relay, you can choose which one to use and deliver your emails faster.

Base Plan$15.00$5.00
SMTP RelayCheckCheck
Email APICheckCheck
API DocumentationCheckCheck
Email Address Validation APICheckCheck
Dedicated IP AddressesCheckCheck
Automated IP WarmupCheckCheck
Dedicated IP PoolingCheckCheck
SPF / DKIM / DMARCCheckCheck
Real-Time AnalyticsCheckCheck
Searchable Email Activity45 Days14 Days
Engagement TrackingCheckCheck
Suppression ManagementCheckCheck
Technical SupportCheckCheck
WordPress IntegrationPostmark ApprovedWP Easy SMTP
Affiliate ProgramCheckCheck
Per Country StatisticsCheckCheck
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Here's why people are switching to Maileroo

We took good care of your transactional emails.

We built our API with maximum performance and ease of integration to deliver your messages on time.

Our team ensures secure and timely delivery of all your communications, including order confirmations and password resets.

We have training tools ready for everyone to read, and this can be your guide to using Maileroo.

Our expert-vetted team is always ready to help out in case of any technical problems.

Our dashboard is simple. We make sure you’ll be able to navigate Maileroo’s dashboard with ease.

We know how valuable every email is to your business. So, we make sure our SMTP services align with what you need.

Switch over to us, like the former Postmark users.

Get started with Maileroo today!