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Whether you’re tracking delivery success and engagement rates or resolving sending errors, Maileroo's comprehensive reporting, interactive dashboard, and detailed logs provide everything you need to maintain effective email operations.

Real-time analytics and reporting

Maileroo provides real-time analytics and reporting to help you track the performance of your email sending. Monitor delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and more to gain valuable insights into your audience's behavior and engagement with your emails.

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Explore The Depths of Your Email Insights

Analytics play a key role in understanding the situation surrounding your email delivery. Knowing statistics about your bounce, opens, clicks and delivered rates can help you achieve better deliverability as high bounce rates indicate a lot of your recipients are failing to receive your emails which might indicate a poor email list, high open and click rates indicate great user engagement, therefore allowing you to see the good and bad of your emailing.

Maileroo keeps email logs for 14 days of all emails sent through your account, allowing you to delve deep into the guts of your email delivery, for example, helping to determine why you have a lot of suppressed emails. With Maileroo built as a user-centric solution, you can filter and search through your logs to find exactly what you are looking for. Email logs that have been kept for 14 days will be removed by default.

Track Your Email Timeline

You can check the timeline of events for each email, allowing you to see the full history from if it has been sent, delivered or opened. These finer details, provide you with a greater understanding of your audience’s activity.

Leverage these insights to refine your strategy, create more compelling content, and build stronger relationships with your audience. Use data to power your communication and drive results.

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SMTP Service That Continues To Serve You

Message Routing

SMTP determines the route an email takes from the sender's server to the recipient's server, ensuring the message is directed accurately.

Reliable Delivery

Designed for reliability, SMTP minimizes the risk of message loss and guarantees that emails are successfully delivered to the recipient's mailbox.

Communication Between Servers

SMTP facilitates communication between email servers, allowing them to exchange information about the sender, recipient, and content of the email.

Text-Based Protocol

SMTP operates as a text-based protocol, using a set of commands to initiate, transfer, and conclude email transmission between servers.

Authentication and Security

Modern SMTP implementations often incorporate authentication mechanisms and encryption protocols to enhance security and protect sensitive information during transmission.

Integration with Email Clients

SMTP seamlessly integrates with email clients and applications, enabling users to send emails effortlessly from their preferred platforms.

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