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Why Use Email Templates?

Email templates are a great way to have a visually stunning email that is responsive, compatible and easily integrable with all devices and platforms. Templates allow you to configure them with easy editor tools without the use of code!

Maileroo has a built-in email template editor that allows users to create stunning emails with its drag-and-drop system. You have complete control over customizing each aspect of your templates to suit your needs.

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Check out how your email templates are performing with our in-depth analytics system. See how many opens, clicks and more!

Custom Templates & Tags

Create custom templates and use tags to dynamically change content in your emails. Make your emails personal and engaging.

Email API

Use our email API to send emails with your templates. Integrate your system with Maileroo and send emails with ease.

Maileroo Template Builder

Create Unlimited Templates

You can create an unlimited amount of email templates and use them across your sending in whatever way you wish. Maileroo makes things easy by providing you with the ability to reuse templates by duplicating them and creating a new template instantly.

Before sending out emails, we have an in-built preview system that allows you to look over how your email template will look on each device, even allowing you to edit the look of your template based on your device size. Look over small changes or want to do a check-up before things go live, well that can all be done with our email template builder. Ensure perfection everywhere your brand goes.

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Templates Tailored For All

Our email template builder allows you to switch from our HTML builder to plaintext in seconds, providing you with the ultimate control over your sending. You can further enhance your HTML email templates with the use of ‘Tags’. Tags allow you to input variables into your email template which will dynamically be switched out for content that gets passed by your system. Dynamic email templates have never been so easy to implement as with Maileroo.

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Maileroo's SMTP is equipped with an amazing assortment of features that help compliment its ability to email straight to the inbox. Find yourself deep in your very own analytics, webhooks, email template builder and so much more!

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